The Story - Rusty A. Maynard ( Russ Maynard ) is a thief stole my stuff in Beatty, Oregon

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The Story

I own property in Oregon.  This is property where we go camp, have fun and play around exploring in the woods on quads.  I have had this property for about 5 years and had slowly built it up to having everything one would need to have a good camp.  On August 20th, 2011 I received a call from a local friend letting me know that our quads where missing and some other stuff.   He also told me that at least 2 other places nearby had been ripped off as well.
  The next weekend I drove 600 miles from Canada to Oregon, trying to find out what was missing, discovering we had been pretty much cleaned out.   After talking to the locals, they all mentioned to me that Russ Maynard, who had a trailer out in the woods, but currently lived and worked as a ranch hand, had been snooping around the area a few days before the thefts.  He had also claimed his trailer to be broken into as well, but they had looked and discovered no damage.  I asked these neighbors where the ranch was that Russ worked at so I could go speak to him, and went there.
Meeting Russ and asking him about things,  Russ lied to me and denied any knowledge of the incident, other than falsely claiming that he had been stolen from too.  I decided to put a little pressure on him to see how he would react.  I lied to him and told him I had wilderness cameras on the property, and would know who did it once I got to a computer to download them.
  Apparently, the thought of cameras made Russ very nervous since later the next day, while I was on my way back to Canada, I got a phone call from my neighbors, who informed me that Russ had pulled out his trailer and vanished from the ranch.   They also told me they had called the owner of the ranch, Dave.
    Dave had told them that my quads had been in his barn the weekend before (this was the morning after the theft.)   Apparently Russ had tried to sell Dave my quads,  but Dave declined feeling somewhat odd about the story he was given on how Russ had acquired them.   Dave did however, buy our utility trailer from Russ.  Russ, his wife (Sarah Aronson) and their child had all pulled out without notice from the ranch and vanished.  This was on August 28, 2011.  Dave also told me that Russ had stolen back the trailer he had sold to Dave.   We also found out that Russ had been selling the rancher's diesel fuel to other locals.  Apparently, Sarah Aronson was in the vehicle when this happened, which raises a question of her innocence in all of this.

The next weekend, I once again drove 600 miles to the property, trying to find more information, locate Russ, and perhaps even get all my property back.  I went to see Dave the rancher, and showed him pictures of my quads.  He confirmed them to be the ones he saw 2 weekends earlier. Dave also told me about the trailer being there, my generator, and some other stuff (some stolen from me, some possibly from the other robberies)  This is 100% proof that Russ had my property the morning after it was all stolen.
   During all of this time, a police report had been filed, but due to budget cuts in Klamath County, nobody had gone looking for Russ right away (it actually usually takes them 3-4 days to even phone back).   By the time the local sheriff's department actually went looking for him, Russ had vanished.   He even left without paying almost $300 to Bill, the owner of a grocery store in Bly, Oregon.
  Russ stole over $7000 worth of my stuff.  The quads actually belonged to my kids, and losing all of this stuff has completely ruined what I used to think of as my "happy place".


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