Russ Maynard Info - Rusty A. Maynard ( Russ Maynard ) is a thief stole my stuff in Beatty, Oregon

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Russ Maynard Info

Rusty A Maynard
Born: 8/6/1975
SSN#  ***-**-2318
DL # *****2692 (Wash?)

Last 4 digits only for legal reasons, however, if you think you might have hired him, email me and I will give you the complete information

Latest News (added Aug/14)

Rusty's sister bought a bobcat for $12,000 and gave Rusty the money to go get it for her. She didn't know it came with a title, and when she went to take it, that's when Rusty told her about the title being put in his name. Now she has to go through court to get the money back as he won't give it to her and he's broke and can't pay it back. Apparently they got $130,000 a piece when their Dad passed March 5, 2014. All the money Rusty got was put in the bank under Sarah's name. The guy stole from his own family, this is pretty much about as big a piece of shit you can be, and shows he will steal from pretty much anyone.
Another note of caution to those around him, I have been informed that Rusty has illegal guns in his house, so please be very cautious.

Where he lives right now

Currently in Seneca, South Carolina.
In March of 2014, Russ inherited a  large sum of money but has NOT contacted anyone that I am aware of to pay restitution.  On April 15, 2014 Sarah Elizabeth Aronson purchased a house in her name for $40,000 (perhaps from the Russ inheritance.)  Sarah and Russ are currently expecting their second child.
The house is at 770 Durham Brown Road,Seneca, SC

Cute looking place... but you dont think you could have found something for $8000 less and paid me back for what you stole???

A little bit more "character info" about Russ... In 2013 was driving a "Primer Grey" Ford Ranger with wood panel inserts in the box.  Panels may have AC/DC painted on them (yes, I'm serious... what a dork)
Russ married Kenna in Inez, KY in 1996,  They havent spoken in years, and Russ owes around a decades worth of child support for his 14 year old daughter.  Russ and Kenna never got divorced. You would think with all the shit he stole from people in Beatty ,Oregon he would at least shoot his daughter a few bucks.

Russ then married again to Jelyon on 04/09/2001 in Galveston, TX, can't find a record of a divorce, not sure if there are any kids from this.


Previous Addresses...

Patriot Farms
3928 Highway 24, Anderson, South Carolina

Before this...
Was living in Anderson, SC near the fairgrounds on Williamston Rd.

and before this, wherabouts was:
110 Stacks Lane,
Belton, South Carolina 29677

Staying in the backyard of a relative, who I called to warn of Russ' past actions, but they claimed Russ was never there.  Obviously, didn't appreciate the warning...hopefully they won't get ripped off by this scumbag.

Klamath Country Police Report info
DATE FILED: 8/31/2011

russ maynard and sarah elizabeth aronson
Russ maynard Rusty
Russ Maynard

This looks like a halloween costume, but its real.  What a tool

Some Previous Arrests

1999-06-29   Shelby County, KY

1999-11-23   Inez, KY

1999-12-06   Shelby County, KY

2000-02-06   Inez, KY

2000-02-18   Inez, KY


These are the only arrest records I've found so far, but alot of counties dont make the information available


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